2D to 3D conversion


We would love to assist you in completing simple or complex mechanical, electrical, electronic, drafting and design projects just as desired. Whether it is analysis and concept design, redrawing or drawing from scratch, 2D conversion or 3D Modeling, we have the resources to provide you different solutions efficiently.

3D has comprehensive experience in mutual engineering and design. We offer end-to-end design and development services for the customer segment as well as for commercial vehicles.

3D presents comprehensive plan skill, experienced engineering specialists and cutting edge facilities for you and your vehicles. Our engineers and designers have a proper understanding of technology toolset (CAD, CAM, PLM) for new engineering and product development. Leveraging our rich domain knowledge and IT-enabled business solution capabilities, we partner with enterprises to design products and provide solutions quickly and more efficiently.


  1. TIF to CAD Conversion
  2. CAD to 3D Conversion