Company Overview

3D solutions ranges from designing and building sort run prototype tooling to making tooling to produce lot of parts. Our Tool Designers can work with your product designers to build your Dies, Moulds, Fixtures and Gauges, and cut your time to market by half. Whether your tooling requirement is for a progressive die or a large multi-cavity mold, we will design and build your tooling to make the parts complete without costly secondary operations or modifications.

We provide accurate design information based on your requirements and concurrently pass that information to our CNC specialists, thereby reducing design cycle time. To achieve this, we have a team of expert Designers, Toolmakers and Machinists, combined with a heavy investment in the latest tool making equipment and technology.

World class technology leader addresses the complete solution for a product from design till manufacturing process consultation and prototype development for industries ranging from Automobile, Consumer appliances, and Electrical equipments