Measurement Gauges


  • A bore gauge, a device used for measuring holes.

  • A caliper, a device used to measure the distance between two opposing sides of an object.

  • Center gauges and fishtail gauges are engineering gauges used in lathe work for checking the angles when grinding the profiles of single-point screw-cutting tool bits and centers.

  • A gauge pin is similar to a gauge block. It is a precision ground cylindrical bar for use in Go/no go gauges or similar applications.

  • A Go-NoGo gauge is an inspection tool used to check a work piece against its allowed tolerances. Its name derives from its use: the gauge has two tests; the check involves the work piece having to pass one test (Go) and fail the other (No Go).

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Types :

  1. Profile Checking Gauge
  2. Plug Gauge
  3. Ring gauge
  4. Snape gauge
  5. Special checking gauge