driven feature enhancements have been implemented in this latest version including these key items:

  • Draft Feature (Neutral Plane, Parting Line, and Step Parting Line)
  • Face-Face and Full Round Blend Options
  • Split Face Command by Projection, Silhouette, and By Part
  • New 3D Curve Creation using the TriBall
  • Patch Surface Creation from 1 or More Close Edges
  • Configuration Based Bill of Material Support
  • Custom Non-circular Detail View Creation Capabilities
  • Perspective View Creation for Illustration
  • Support for a Catia V5 Read/Write Translator
  • Hide Selected/Unselected for Large Assembly Interaction
  • Mechanism Mode for Bi-Directional Solving and Drag by Ray
  • New 3D Positioning Constraints like Tangent, CAM, Fixed