Tool Designing


Today the manufacturing lies in the perfection, accuracy, precision machining, quality, time and quantity of products. To achieve all this aspects the powerful, long life, quality tool and product friendly machining tools to be created, here the tool designing is very important role. In this way your 3D Solution is will expect in designing and producing.

3D-Solution experts are ready to give all you’re tooling needs your product manufacturing with fixable designing and manufacturing. First we study the need process of machining the products and we will provide you the concept drawing, if this drawing is approved we will provide you the complete drawing set in the form CAD and drawing. Your export will manufacture fixture and tools for the machining product. Product quality remains at the level you expect, 24 hours a day. At 3D solution we use high quality software tools like:

  • Computer assisted design using
    Unigraphics NX7.5
    Solid Works
  • Direct CAD-CAM and CNC manufacture of critical mold components
  • Dedicated project management from quotation through validation and approval
The delivery of the tools will be in safe and on-time with high quality


  • SPM Design
  • Special Tool Design
  • Special Designs